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Research Topics


ARK Investments Research

A unique investment firm with a long term view, deep technology understanding and investing in own team of tech savvy and science oriented researchers. 

Swiss Re Sigma - 2020 report on natural catastrophes

Part of the famous Sigma series and highlighting the remained relevance and threat of increased emergence of natural catastrophes and reminder that we shall not expect to see more smoke to believe that there is fire. 

International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Reading their annual reports since years, you may get frustrated why the voice of scientists is not heard more attentively. I would say, remain patient, keep reading.


Bill Gates on pandemics

Already in 2015 Gates was warning that the new war would not come from nuclear arms but from a pandemic and that we were ill prepared. In 2020 his message became even more valid, with a clear action plan of what should be done including creating a better health care infrastructure.

How contact tracing works - technical paper

Whitepaper explaining Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing by the DP3T group. It explains the technological foundation that allows to simplify and accelerate the process of notifying people who have been in contact with an infected person. This particular decentralized approach adheres to some key principles such as: minimizing shared data (only health authority accesses data of infected people), preventing abuse (as each party only has part of data), preventing tracking of non-infected users and graceful dismantling (data self-deleted after pandemic).

How contact tracing works- "next step" short video ( in german) 

Video explaining how we can cut the infection chain by addresses the problem that you can already be infected before having symptoms. How do you then trace back those in your proximity, once you get tested positively. A smartphone app can keep track of that for you and preserve privacy. The video explains how.

Women's World Banking

An organisation that has proven microfinance to work in a profitable way and targets the low income class providing simple hospital cover and loss of income income protection.

WHO Ambient Air Pollution

The World Health Organisation provides regular updates of key facts and trends explaining how air pollution has impacted diseases and mortality.

Car HEPA air filter with bio defense capability

Smart electric vehicles realise that they will be surrounded by ICE vehicles and exhaust for a while and therefore developed super powerful air filtration systems. Would even resist bio-chemical attacks.

A greater safety net for the entrepreneurial age

In his book "The Hedge" Nicolas Colin explains his view on how to reinvent the social security safety net in today's entrepreneurial and networked society.

Personal data management 

Protection needs strong standards and governance

The Gobal Citizen Foundation sets standards and creates strong governance to develop personal data management protocols and services with the user's interest in mind.

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